How many pictures do you have from the last wedding you went to that the Bride and Groom have not seen?

Avoid the same on your big day!


Guests can easily upload everything they capture.

If they are forgetful we can help them set a reminder to upload everything the very next day.

All delivered to your uBoof account.


No more searching for the right wedding hashtag.

Collect everything privately, away from the public view.

What you get:

1. A dedicated space for all your guests images and videos.
2. A short wedding video edited together of everyone’s video messages and images within 48 hours.

3. All individual files, yours to keep forever.

uBoof –
a modern guestbook

Your big day…remembered forever!
With uBoof cards your guests can be prompted to leave a video message for you.

All these videos are yours to keep.

You can also pass them to your videographer to add to your wedding video.
Remember when your uncle had hair?
Remember that hair-do your bridesmaid had?
Remember the when your friends children were just dancing toddlers?
With uBoof, it’s clear!

uBoof Photo’s

The drunk uncle dancing, the beautiful place settings, the dress from all angles!

The sad truth is that a lot of these photo’s and videos will stay on your friends phones and never be seen by you!

With uBoof you can collect everything!

Create memories with the people you love!

A disposable camera on each table used to be the way.
Nowadays it would cost an arm and a leg to find disposable cameras let alone somewhere to get them developed.

Using uBoof is the modern equivelant.
Spread your uBoof cards around, on place settings, by the bar, anywhere with a particularly pretty backdrop.

The very moment a picture or video is taken it is delivered to your Collected Media in your uBoof account.

What’s more, we can edit your videos into one long video, or you can pass them to your videographer to include in your wedding video!

Some examples of custom cards and pages