You just used a uBoof card! Nice!

Let’s show you how this works

Sign up and purchase one of our uBoof packages. 

You can add printed cards like the one you just scanned & a range of design services to fit your theme.

NFC tags to allow guests to simply tap rather than scan. 

iPhones have QR scanning turned on by default as well as NFC
Android phones have NFC turned on by default but need to change one setting detailed here to enable QR code scanning.

Your guests scan or tap a card and land on your uBoof recorder page (or your own custom designed page) allowing you to leave a video message by clicking the button below or upload pictures using the upload box.

Psssst…if you do do this right now, it won’t actually show up below…this is just a demo.

The video is processed, compressed and sent through magic tubes to a private folder like this one:

After your event, you have 6 months to log in and download all your lovely pictures and videos from your guests!