Collect all your videos & images
from your guests

Looking for wedding ideas?
Every event has a thousand photos that you never see!
Let us help you collect them all, while also encouraging people to take them.

Starting at just £149!

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Order your cards and open your uBoof for your event. We offer design services to match your colours and theme.


Your guests scan the cards with their phone camera and see a link to your uBoof page where they can take pictures, videos or even leave a video message.


When you have recovered, you can log in on any device and see everything. We’ll even edit them into a video or a digital guestbook for you.

Collect every video and image

We all like to think our friends and family would send everything they have over to us after the big day, in truth…it’s usually only the stuff that goes up on Facebook or Instagram we end up getting to see.

With uBoof, your guests are reminded to upload, encouraged to take pictures & videos especially for you and what’s more…this all happens privately and securely.

We can print our cards for you or we can send you a PDF & JPG of the code for you to print it on anything you want.

We also support NFC tags so modern phones can just tap our cards and head straight to your landing page for media collection.

Great, let’s get started


uBoof cards are great for wedding guests to scan & tap.

Brides and Grooms looking for wedding ideas love us as they can see all the collected video’s and pictures as soon as they recover from the big day!

Use uBoof to ask your guests to contribute to a digital guestbook, pass all your collected videos to your videographer to put into the wedding video or simply save time scrolling through social media trying to find all your pictures.

Tell me more before I say I do!

Corporate Events

Gather more media than you can shake a stick at!

Work Christmas party, Company retreat or as a tool for a teambuilding exercise…there are hundreds of possible applications that uBoof can make that little bit more special.

Get in touch to talk through what you are thinking of!

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Festivals, Events & more

Anywhere you wish to collect media from your guests…uBoof can help!

We have a live chat at the bottom right of this page, so feel free to get in touch and see how we can set you up with your very own uBoof experience.

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